2016 Year-end Results for Private Business Sales Transactions

2016 year-end results for Private Business Sales Transactions finished with mixed results in several value categories, based on the most recent report from Pratt’s Stats “Private Deal Update.” Among the key findings:

  • Although total private sale transactions were lower than in 2015, most price indicators increased from the prior year;
  • Units sold were 897; median value price was up $250,000, along with median revenue of $568,869;
  • The Price/Revenue Multipliers also increased to .49% ($0-$1m), .47% ($1m-$5m), and a drop off to .45% in the (>$5m) category.
  • Price/Seller’s Discretionary Earnings showed mixed results: 1.98% ($0-$1m), 2.97% ($1m-$5m), and 3.26% (>$5m);
  • Price EBIDTA Multiples all decreased from 2015: 2.68% ($0-$1m), 4.36% ($1m-$5m), and 4.84 (>$5m).

Read more: data.bvresources.com/pdf/1Q17PDU.pdf

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