Business Consultants

Providing clients with business consulting services far in advance of a merger, sale, or other exit strategy in order to receive higher valuations when those times come.

Business Consulting Services

Before Selling a Company

The certified business intermediaries at Coastal M & A have brokered hundreds of successful business mergers and acquisitions. This puts us in a unique position to offer business consulting so you can learn what potential buyers are seeking.

They will:

  • Analyze your financials;
  • Examine your sales & marketing programs;
  • Review your business practices;
  • Research your market and competitors;
  • Evaluate your business plans; and
  • Provide a Broker’s Opinion of Value or Most Probably Selling Price Report or a Certified Business Appraisal Report
  • Provide a Machinery & Equipment Appraisal report

Throughout this in-depth review our business intermediaries will identify red flags for potential acquirers. Then they will work with you and your team to resolve any issues so that, when you are ready to transition, the process can move forward smoothly, quickly, and result in greater gains.

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Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI)

Our professional business intermediaries come with diverse experience that includes manufacturing, sales and marketing, finance, accounting, retail, taxation, and client services. As a result, Coastal M & A has been selected for various assignments in manufacturing, banking, professional and service sectors, municipal / government, hospitality areas, and automotive and marine related industries, to name a few.

Occasionally our experience and expertise is utilized for price and term reviews for business ownership transfers, acquisitions, and mergers. We are also experienced in manufacturing operations, machinery and equipment appraisals, and real estate development projects.

If you are interested in preparing your business for sale, merger, or other transition, please call us for a no-obligation consultation about our business consulting services or fill out the form on this page.

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